Six Flags México


Arrive on time, so you can enjoy all the games and activities of your event. The park opens at 10 am.
Entrance with any type of food, skates, toys, spray, weapons, etc. is not allowed.
Selfie sticks, (sticks) monopods (support used for the stability of the camera or video camera) and similar devices will not be allowed.
We do not have re-entry to the park, unless you purchase another ticket.
The entry of cameras, video cameras, strollers and chair is allowed

Rent with extra cost

Electronic lockers, in case of carrying large backpacks o Single and double strollers
Electric cars
Attractions with extra cost:
Rent of Go Karts or X-Flight
Da Vinci

Park Rules

BEHAVIOR: Appropriate behavior is expected from all visitors according to a family and friendly environment. Undisciplined, harmful or offensive behaviors, including jumping the ranks or setting aside places, are strictly prohibited. It is not recommended to use loud words, inappropriate language or signs.
DRESS CODE: Six Flags Mexico implements a dress code according to the family atmosphere and cordiality, as well as for health and safety reasons. Clothing must be worn at all times at the facilities of Six Flags Mexico, which should not contain images that incite hatred or violence, in accordance with the provisions of the Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination in the Federal District.
NO SMOKING: Smoking may only be done in the areas specifically established for this purpose without exceptions (including electronic cigarettes).
RESTRICTIONS: It is not allowed to introduce to the park, alcoholic beverages, food or drinks, pets (except service animals), products such as coolers. As visitors, they will be asked to go through an inspection point. Any item that is not allowed in the park must be returned to your vehicle. Cameras or video cameras as well as cell phones are not allowed in games. Visitors with casts, prostheses, girdles and collars, may not enter certain games based on the requirements established by the manufacturer. The list with these games is available at the Information Center (inside the park) and Visitor Service (outside the park). Our visitors will not be able to enter restricted areas, this includes games or areas marked as such. Any item lost in the area of ​​a game must be reported to its operator. For lost or recovered items, go to the Information Center in the French town.
Upon entering the park, our visitors grant Six Flags Mexico the right to film, record and photograph their image on the park’s property and use it in footage, images for any reason without payment or consideration.

Game Policies

RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER: There are risks inherent to the participation of any mechanical game. As a visitor, you must exercise good judgment and act responsibly while using the games. As a visitor you must obey all oral and written warnings and make appropriate use of the safety equipment provided. Please refer to the specific guidelines for each game, placed at the entrance of them.
RESTRICTIONS ON GAMES: Safety is our top priority. Visitors with certain proportions of weight and / or height may not be able to make use of certain games if the security systems do not close properly. The specific information of the games will be available in Visitor Services.
JUMP RAILINGS: It is prohibited for any reason to jump the railings as well as to separate places in the row.
ITEMS: Loose items (for example: glasses, backpacks, bags, caps) are not allowed in games, they should be left with someone who does not get into the game or in a locker. Six Flags Mexico and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Small babysitters are allowed in most games because they do not interfere with the security system.
TIME INCLEMENCIES: Games may temporarily close during a thunderstorm, rain or strong winds. The games will reopen as soon as the operating conditions are safe. There are no refunds for rain or inclement weather.
MEDICAL SERVICE: For medical needs, the park has a First Aid station in the town of Vaquero. All injuries must be reported to the first aid station before leaving the park.

This attractions is included in Fifteen Day Pass

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