Frequently Asked Questions

What is Passport?

A new city passport that allows you know and enjoy the main attractions of the CDMX. For a single price you can visit all the different attractions you want, saving time and money.

Where can I buy it?

In the following link:
or with your favorite travel agency
or just calling us at +52 55 5539-2171

What attractions does it include?

Depending on the pass you acquire you can enjoy the number of attractions, you can go from 6 to 15 attractions.

How is it used?

Select the one that best suits your needs and buy it in the store or with your travel agent, you will receive a PDF with your QR code in your email. You have a full year to activate your passport (first use), just check-in at any of the included attractions. From this moment, you can access the attractions and book the tours included in your pass.

Does it has any additional benefit?

Of course, you save  an average 35% on door fees on each pass.

Do you have payment options?

Yes, credit card or cash and Paypal

Does it has any validity?

Remember that you have a full year to activate your passport (first use), just check-in at any of the included attractions, after this you can
enjoy the attractions with the days established in your pass.

Is this pass intended for the general public?

Of course, anyone can visit and enjoy these attractions, without any problem.

Is there a classification in question of passes?

* Basic-Huitzilin * Silver-Jaguar * Gold-Xólotl * Premium-Tlatoani

What is Capital Bus?

It is a tourist bus that you can board in its different circuits, for two days in any pass of your preference. Hop-on/hop-off with 3 different routes.. within Mexico City

Does the tours include any type of passenger transportation?

If you acquire our pass the TOURS include the round trip transportation from a meeting point.

Are foods included in any pass?

No Tours include food or drinks.

How many days does my pass last?

Depending on which is your preference:

* Basic-Huitzilin …… 3 days
* Silver-Jaguar ……… 5 days
* Gold-Xólotl …………. 5 days
* Premium-Tlatoani … 6 days

Can I visit Chapultepec Castle any day of the week?

From Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday is closed

When visiting the Inbursa aquarium do I have access to the interactive museum and the aquarium?

Yes, you can access the aquarium to the interactive aquarium where you will enjoy a totally playful experience through its rooms, technological, educational and interactive

In the kite museum of the child can only access minors, or to acquire my pass I can access?

By acquiring your pass if you wish

What attractions can I visit in the tour, Taxco and Cuernavaca?

Cuernavaca: Visit to the Cathedral, Palacio de Cortés, visit to the monument to Morelos.
Taxco: Visit to the Church of Santa Prisca
Free time to buy crafts made with quality silver.

If the service I am acquiring is not to my liking, is there a mailbox of complaints and suggestions?

You can add your comment on the page, or call the travel agency to answer your complaint.

Can I visit any attraction the day I want it?

Each attraction has both an entry schedule and the days it can be visited, see attractions page, to know more about each attraction.

Are there specified times to visit each attraction?

you can consult our attractions section for more information.

I am a foreign tourist and I do not speak Spanish, is there any person who guides me in the visit to my attractions?

Of course all the passes that we manage include a guide for, that you enjoy better your stay in the city of Mexico.

Why is it important to visit Teotihuacán?

It is better known as the city of the Gods. “An emblematic space where our ancestors performed sacred rites, with which, and an emblematic show of this place is the spring equinox, when visiting a private professional guide will accompany you on a trip to Through the history of this mystical place that will surprise you, former travelers who came from other cities of their time.

On the tour of Chapultepec Castle, how can I get there walking or do I have another option?

Metro Line 1 (pink) Chapultepec station with direct access to the Chapultepec forest.

Metro Line 7 (orange) Auditorium station: once you have reached the station, you must take a Metrobus and get off at the Gandhi station. Then you must walk to the interior of the Chapultepec forest up to the ramp that goes up to the museum.

Can I visit the island of the dolls in Xochimilco?

In the tour, which includes Xochimilco, you can only take a specific tour in the trajineras, where it does not include a visit to the island of the dolls.

How long can I use it?

Only 48 real hours, included in your city passport

Can I get on the tourist bus, with pets?

Not since it is not allowed, only to users.

How can I reach the Latin American tower?

From Subway Line 2 (Blue), station, Fine Arts

Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 2, Centro, 06000 México City, CDMX

Here you can see a map of the attraction

Do I have time limit to know places on my own?

you can visit the places you want with a free time on your tour.

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