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 Chocolate Museum.


Everybody loves chocolate!

And those who doesn´t it´s because they are allergic to it or they are bad people. Just kidding, but for real… chocolate is by far the favorite candy around the globe. So why not come and learn some of the history behind this tidbit? And of course have some of it at the cafeteria at the end of your visit.

This museum is made up of 9 halls in the 2nd floor and other 6 rooms in the 1st floor,within them you will see the very origins of chocolate in Mesoameric, the central part of the Prehispanic-Mexico , how it changed after the Spanish-conquest and its many and multiple variations, recipes and uses through out history .

Operational Days:

  • Monday through Sundays from 11h to 17h


  • Entrance to Museum of Chocolate.


Calle Milan 45, Juárez, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

This attraction is included in the Fifteen Day Pass.




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