Anthropology Museum

Coatlicoe - Tour castillo chapultepec y antropología ciudad de mexico
Tour castillo chapultepec y antropología ciudad de mexico

The National Museum of Anthropology was inaugurated on September 17, 1964, and for more than five decades, it has fulfilled the mission of investigating, conserving, exhibiting and disseminating the most important archaeological and ethnographic collections of the country.
Since its conception, this urban architecture icon of the 20th century was designed to be, more than a repository, a space for reflection on the rich indigenous heritage of our multicultural nation. Its 22 rooms and its more than 45 thousand square meters of construction make it the largest museum in Mexico and one of the most outstanding in the world.

In this important precinct there are archaeological and anthropological testimonies forged by multiple cultural groups during hundreds of years of history; At the same time, it pays homage to the indigenous peoples of Mexico today through a rich collection that rescues the uses, representations, expressions, knowledge and traditions that are the intangible heritage of the nation and a legacy that belongs to all of humanity.